Sound installation by Vladislav Shabalin with the voice of Diamanda Galás

Stefano Piccini

Geologist, paleontologist and Chair of Geoworld Group, Stefano Piccini has been interested in fossils and minerals for over 25 years. He has collected and produced significant documentation on the most important paleontological sites and regularly collaborates with prestigious European and American research institutes and museums. He is the first paleontologist who has devised and implemented, all by himself, a worldwide network aimed to protect and value the fossils, the oldest testimony of life we have. Besides collecting and recuperating fossils worldwide, he works to unfold and spread the knowledge and principles of paleontology, also enabling non-experts to approach this fascinating world.

Stefano Piccini has constantly supported Vladislav Shabalin’s artistic projects.

Posted maggio 15th, 2011.

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Stefano Piccini